About me


Hi, my name is Una Bridged and this blog is my personal blog ! I live in Thailand where i’m married to Thomas, a parisien trader that worked as Societe Generale as a trader.

I love traveling, taking care of my 2 childs, cooking, playing cards and helping the poorest child in Thaïland. I plan to open a Non Profit Organisation to help thaï children to access to top education in the world !

I love thaï culture and buddhism even if i’m an atheist ! Thaï food is also my favorite ! I think i’ll put up some recipies on this blog, i have an awesome one about green curry !

Sorry if this blog is not really organised but i’m kind of a messy person. I guess because my dads and mums where artists. Actually i love mess, i know it’s weird but i don’t like when everything is tidy. That’s why you will find this blog a little weird at the begining but maybe you’ll like my articles at some points !

Take care,