How To Improve Your Luck: Three Tips That Will Bring Luck To Your Life


Some people seem to have all the luck, while others are unable to even catch a glimpse of Lady Luck and only seem to attract misfortune all the time. Why is this so? Why does fortune favor the few and shun the majority, and what can one do to attract more luck ?  Read on to find out:

Girl with cards and chips

  • Think positive: A lot has been said about positive thinking, and for good reason. Research studies have shown that optimism can actually boost longevity and act as a stress reliever, but what many choose to overlook is the fact that positive thinking can help you create the outcome you want. Like attracts like, and dwelling on negativity gives it too much power over you, inevitably affecting your choices, actions, and outlook without you even noticing it. When you are stuck in a negative frame of mind, you tend to overlook even the best opportunities that come your way, because doing so fits in with your negative mindset. This is an unhealthy habit people need to break out of if they want more luck in their lives.
  • Trust your instincts: This may seem like a stretch, but it’s true. Many ‘lucky’ people claim to trust their intuition and never ignore their gut feeling. This is not possible when your mind is cluttered, so it is recommended that you try meditation to calm your mind, relieve yourself of anxiety, and listen to your ‘inner voice’.
  • Be open to learning: Curiosity can take you a long way in bringing more luck in your life. This is because those who are eager to learn and try out new things have more possibilities coming their way. Assume nothing so that your willingness to explore the world around you can take you down roads you’d otherwise never have traveled.

Remember that being proactive also plays a vital role in having more luck in your life. If you sit back and do nothing, there’s very little you will be able to do about the opportunities- or lack of- that come your way.