Is it possible to beat a casino playing blackjack?


black jack dealer in black and whiteMany people are of the opinion that blackjack is the only game in which a player has a fair chance of winning against the house or casino. However, this is easier said than done. Upping your odds of winning requires you to have a genuine mathematical advantage, not just a stroke of good luck.

The outcome of a blackjack game depends largely on the player, from the very minute he or she shuffles the card deck. The dealer in a blackjack game merely follows the rules and has no ‘say’ in the game’s decisions.

Given that the course of any blackjack game relies heavily on a player, there are a few approaches one can take to try and beat the casino:

  • Counting the cards: This approach can be difficult since all casinos do not allow it. However, mastering this tactic requires learning from the very best. A deck of cards is favorable to a player when it has more aces and tens. One way to guess if a deck has more of such cards is for a player to track the cards that have been and are being played. The deck which is deemed more ‘favorable’ is assigned a plus point, while a minus point is assigned to decks that have ‘lower value’ cards.

Calculating the ‘worthiness’ of a deck requires complex mathematical calculations, quick reflexes, and a great memory.

  • As a tip, try and avoid sitting at a table that has too many players, as doing so could dilute the effectiveness of card counting strategies.
  • Applying ‘systems’ during play: Blackjack should ideally be played as a money management game. There are various strategic systems such as the D’Alembert and Paroli, which help players determine the right profit and loss limits to help them quit the game at the right time.

There are numerous video, audio, and eBook tutorials on this subject, so you are advised to do your homework and choose the ones that have at least a modicum of legitimacy.