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Is gambling a pleasure or an addiction?


Gambling, like sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and shopping, has been constantly criticized for being addictive in nature and encouraging an unhealthy dependency if left unchecked. It is an easy thing to get addicted to anything that’s pleasurable, and that also includes something as ordinary as food. The key, as the cliché goes, is to do Read More

Does playing games make you smarter?


Video games have long been criticized for their ‘violent themes’ and influencing people to the point of distracting them from their academic and professional goals. However, the gaming sector, which is touted to rake in about $25 billion in annual revenues, may just have ardent supporters in the form of several researchers, who have stated Read More

Is poker a game of skill or luck ?


Poker has long been considered a game of chance, and this belief holds forte even today. However, various studies and books on this subject over the recent years have challenged this outlook, one of them being a research study by Professors Steven Levitt and Thomas Miles, authors of the bestseller Freakonomics The authors have stated Read More

Welcome on UnaBridged.info


Hi, Welcome on my personal blog. My name is Una Bridged, i’m 56 years old and i’m living in Indonesia. I love cooking, drawing, taking care of my children. I’m retired now and i spend time looking for good investment to make with my money. I’m interested by the gold market right now and it’s Read More

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