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Is binary option a big scam or just gambling ?


If we look at AMF figures and marketing campaign it’s seems that all binary option trader (or at least 95% of them are long term looser). According to this french site binary option will be pure gambling, and as we say in gambling “House always wins” !

Let’s have a look at this great video to explain what is gambling ?

The book their talking about is available on amazon here

Titan poker room insider

Titan Poker


Poker is card game which involves betting. Poker game is played between groups of person individually. The winner of the game is determined by the ranking of the cards, where some of the cards remain hidden till the end of the game. In poker game two types of card are dealt face down card and face up card. The face down card is called the hidden card and face up card are called community card because they can be seen by every player in the game.

Steps to play poker at Titan poker:

The objective of the game is to make a higher ranking of cards. Before the players are dealt the cards, each player has to make an individual bet on the table. When the betting is done, the cards are given to the player. The player has the option to call, raise or fold.  Fold means to quit the game. Call and raise are the betting decision.

  1. Player decides the betting amount.
  2. Player click on deal button, he gets his cards
  3. Depending on the cards of the player a player makes his decision to either stay in game or quit the game
  4. If player wishes to be a part of the game then the player has to raise the bet.

Different variants of poker game:

  • Community card poker: Texas hold ‘em poker and Omaha poker falls in the category of community card poker games. In this game first the player are dealt with face down cards and then they are dealt with a series of face up card which are available to all the players. Using these cards the player has to make the best 5 card hand.
  • Draw poker: Five card pokers is a draw poker game. In this game the player are given all the cards face down. After the betting the player can see their card and exchange the cards they do not wish to keep. Then they have to make the best card ranking.

For more information about different variants of poker game visit Titan poker

Is Bet365 The Best Sports Betting Mobile App?


Mobile applicationBet365 is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports betting apps today. The app is available on multiple platforms – on Android, iOS, Nokia, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and can be played online using a web browser. First, though, let’s get to know the company.

About Bet365

The company itself is a UK registered betting company boasting of over 10 million regular customers in over 200 countries worldwide. Just to show how great this app is, it won the first position in the Mobile Sports Betting Apps category consecutively in 2012 and 2013. When a new player signs up, they get a free £200 worth of bets and when a bet is placed from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, the player gets a 100% bonus. What makes this app so special and so popular?

Features of Bet365 App

This app has tons of features but those that stand out the most include the dazzling graphics and game design. The application provides quick access to the in-play market and has a remarkable display providing a summary of in-play events at a glance. The display window also shows current scores and a link to access other in-play events just by touching a button. Another most notable feature is the live video and streaming feature of in-play events. According to Bet365 mobile the company, over 40,000 live sporting events are streamed annually – both via the PC betting platform and on smartphones and tablets. A user just needs to have a funded account or must have placed a bet over the last 24 hours to enjoy the in-play feature.

The design

The Bet365 app is a lot like the company website id design and color combinations and the app looks great both in smaller and large screens. The layout is free of clutter, easy to navigate and feature shortcuts are located conveniently on top and bottom of the screen. The user will find it easy to navigate around and will appreciate the cool color scheme that is easy on the eye and makes visibility even on bright light possible. The main features the user will access upon launching the application are: top coupons, highlighted pre-match bets, In-Play betting and special offers.

Account and support

The mobile application offers limited account management options. This may be the only limitation I have noted about the Bet365 mobile app. The full account management task can be carried out on the desktop computer and if you need to contact support you will have to use e-mail or message the account manager or support via a computer browser. The good thing though is that the Bet365 app has easily accessible help buttons that provides an email address that the user can easily message support from the device.


All in all, the Bet365 application is one of the finest well-designed and fully-featured sports betting applications in the market. Despite lack of support on the mobile application, the application enables users to access a wide range of features including pre- and in-play sports. The most notable pros of the app is that it is easy to navigate around, the colors make visibility easy and a user can pretty much do everything to do with betting right from the application window.

Five Best Online Poker Rooms


After the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act came into the picture in 2006, it raised a lot of concern about whether online poker players were doing anything illegal. You don’t need to worry, because it isn’t illegal. You just need to keep in mind some basic precautions in mind. Here are the five best online poker rooms that you can try out.

poker hand on fire with a cute girlBet Online Poker – The only online poker room offering an instant bonus on every deposit, Bet Online also offers an online casino and sportsbook. Convenient modes of payment such as Visa, Mastercard, and Western Union among others, along with its reputation for online security make it a good choice.

Lock Poker – Ranked second only to Bet Online, Lock Poker gives you the usual Hold ‘em, as well as Draw and Omaha among a host of other options. The poker room is compatible with Macintoshes as well, and is very easy to use. The deposit bonus is very attractive – 150% up to a maximum of $750. There’s a great range of tournaments for everyone from novices to the experts.

Bovada Poker – Here you will find everything from poker to sports betting. The range of options on Bovada is truly mind-boggling, and expert players have the scope to make a lot of cash. The rewards program is excellent, and allows you to cash in your points for up to $2500 in a month.

Sportsbook – Operating for more than a decade now, Sportsbook is known to have one of the fastest payouts among online poker rooms. Online security is very good and Sportsbook has become a trusted name in the world of online poker. You can play from very low to very high stakes based on your comfort level.

Carbon Poker – This is a robust poker room with several features, and has excellent software. You can try your hand at Draw, Horse and Stud among a variety of other games.

Before you make your choice it is important to do your research and evaluate factors such as security, bonuses, software among others. Once you are satisfied with these, start small and once you get comfortable, you can increase the amounts you play with.

What are the five most reputable online casinos where your money is safe?


casino dealer smokingPlaying in an online casino comes with certain risks attached. It is always advisable to do your research thoroughly before you make your choice. Here we give you a list of five online casinos that are reputed, and open to players in the US.

Club World – This Real Time Gaming (RTG) powered online casino has a huge collection of games to choose from, and together with the new games that RTG has come up with, you really won’t get tired of them anytime soon. The customer support offered by Club World is extremely efficient, and the staff is very helpful in sorting out any issues you may face. Reliability and safety of this online casino rank among the highest.

Win Palace – A trustworthy brand, RTG powered Win Palace offers a wide range of casino games for both novices and the experienced lot. There are welcome bonuses for new comers that you can take advantage of. The customer service staff is highly skilled and helpful. This is the place to be for some great blackjack bonuses.

Manhattan Slots – While the name suggests that they have only slots to offer, RTG powered Manhattan Slots actually has a wide range of online casino games for you to try your hand at. This online casino has built a great reputation for itself based on its reliability.

Bovada – A well-known brand in the world of online gambling, Bovada has built a reputation that is based on trustworthiness and safety. They have great promotions and offers, and their payouts are usually reliable.

All Slots – Slots is the name of the game here, in this Microgaming software powered online casino. There is a superb selection of slots, and great bonuses on offer. Of course, if slots is not your thing, they do have a wide array of games to choose from including video poker and table games. The customer service is excellent.

You need to evaluate several factors such as – is the casino licensed in a trusted jurisdiction, is it operated by a trusted software provider, how good are the bonuses and is the payout fair, what is the range of games on offer – before you make your choice. Once you’ve made your choice, start small first, and get comfortable before you venture out into spending larger amounts.

What are the risks of playing in an online casino?


While gambling itself is associated with some risks, online casinos come with additional risks that you need to keep in mind. Scammers are roving the Internet in search of novices who may not be too careful, so that they can take advantage of their lack of caution. Playing in an online casino is definitely more convenient than actually visiting one, but be mindful of the risks involved and like the much clichéd but true saying, “it is better to be safe than to be sorry.”

Find out if the website you are visiting is legitimate. Flashy advertisements and apparently great offers that some fraudulent websites put up can be a trap. A lot of scammers know exactly how to replicate the layout of a legitimate site and make it look like the original. One way you can be sure of not falling into this trap is to go through a trusted organization to find a legitimate online casino. One such organization is the Interactive Gaming Commission.

Don’t put in any money unless you’ve thoroughly investigated the website. Scammers are known to change the name of their website quite often so that they don’t get caught. Not investigating a site properly may lead to your losing a lot of money before you even realize it. Another pitfall of online casinos, as it is with regular gambling, is that there is a high likelihood of getting addicted. When you find yourself playing only for making more and more money rather than just for the entertainment, you’re well on your way to addiction.

Safety of your e-wallet or credit card information is something that you need to be absolutely sure of. Enquire if the website is using credible software for encryption of the information. Also, don’t randomly divulge your information to persons claiming that it is for a valid reason. Do your research and get information on the transparency of these casinos before you start playing.

After you’re sure that it’s a safe bet to play in the online casino you have chosen, set yourself a budget and a time limit, and stick to it. These are things that are very easy to lose track of, and you may end up losing more than you can afford to. So the key here is, do your research, know your limits, and don’t treat it as a means of livelihood!

Five Tips That Could Make You Rich


‘How to get rich’ is one of the most searched terms online, and it is because of this innate desire that many get-rich-quick schemes have cropped up to rob people of their hard-earned money.
Fortunately, there are legitimate ways in which you can boost your chances of getting rich. The process may take some time, and you may not be able to become a billionaire; but then again, there’s no harm in putting a few well-known tips to action:

  • When you invest, do so for the long term: No one, no matter how fit he or she is, can work until the day he or she dies. Living off of Social Security isn’t very wise either, so it is a must to plan early for your retirement. Chew on this: if you set aside $500 every month for over 35 years via a diversified stock portfolio, you’ll have more than $1 million to spend during and post your retirement! Make it a point to invest at least 10% of your income (gross) for your retirement.
  • Complement long term investments with short term savings: In addition to keeping aside 10% of your gross income for retirement purposes, you must save some cash for emergencies and planned purchases. This will help you tide through rough times, such as if you ever lose a job or are facing any other monetary issue.
  • Live below your means: Living on less than what you make can make you significantly richer. That’s because if you do so on a consistent basis, you also save more on a consistent basis. When you see your savings accumulating, you’ll be encouraged to save even more.
  • Say no to high interest: Avoid credit card companies or lenders that charge high interest, and do away with any debt that is setting you back financially. Paying off high interest debts first will enable you to save more in less time.
  • Consider workplace retirement accounts: Workplace retirement accounts help you save more on tax since contributions are deducted from the paycheck at the outset, thereby automating the investment process. If your company doesn’t have a retirement plan, consider creating your own Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA).



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Is Trading A Way To Get Rich?


Those who trade either online or offline are often lured by the promise of fast money, but the fact is that trading is no shortcut to becoming rich. A small percent of people who earn big bucks through trading are unable to sustain their stroke of luck in the long term and cannot trade gains for too long.
Jamal from slumdog millionaireThe race to get rich via trading makes stock traders take on too much risk, which is hard to manage when you invest too much in one position or trade with an excessive margin. The key is to manage trading risk effectively so that you can earn consistently in the long term. Another tip to consider is that there is no direct correlation between the risk you take and the money you make. Online stock trading involves speculation and thereby calls for education, while risk management is more of a skill.
It is important to take measures that use time-tested strategies which boost long term profits and better risk management so that your capital can be safeguarded. At the same time, it is also imperative to remain modest if chance favors you and you have big money coming your way. Standing the test of time in trading is no walk in the park; many people think the stock market operates like a casino, which is far from the truth.
Most individuals who trade do so with indices and foreign exchange. A fewer number of people trade in bonds or interest rates and commodities. However, the expert traders know how to make money by reading the charts and scouting for market trends. Charts are far easier to read than technical data about individual shares, financial indices, or commodities. As a rule of thumb, a market that trends up breaks through resistance levels, while a volatile market cannot create these levels.
If you have even a small understanding of what affects the value of a particular market and how to read charts, your chances of getting rich through trading will increase significantly.

How To Improve Your Luck: Three Tips That Will Bring Luck To Your Life


Some people seem to have all the luck, while others are unable to even catch a glimpse of Lady Luck and only seem to attract misfortune all the time. Why is this so? Why does fortune favor the few and shun the majority, and what can one do to attract more luck ?  Read on to find out:

Girl with cards and chips

  • Think positive: A lot has been said about positive thinking, and for good reason. Research studies have shown that optimism can actually boost longevity and act as a stress reliever, but what many choose to overlook is the fact that positive thinking can help you create the outcome you want. Like attracts like, and dwelling on negativity gives it too much power over you, inevitably affecting your choices, actions, and outlook without you even noticing it. When you are stuck in a negative frame of mind, you tend to overlook even the best opportunities that come your way, because doing so fits in with your negative mindset. This is an unhealthy habit people need to break out of if they want more luck in their lives.
  • Trust your instincts: This may seem like a stretch, but it’s true. Many ‘lucky’ people claim to trust their intuition and never ignore their gut feeling. This is not possible when your mind is cluttered, so it is recommended that you try meditation to calm your mind, relieve yourself of anxiety, and listen to your ‘inner voice’.
  • Be open to learning: Curiosity can take you a long way in bringing more luck in your life. This is because those who are eager to learn and try out new things have more possibilities coming their way. Assume nothing so that your willingness to explore the world around you can take you down roads you’d otherwise never have traveled.

Remember that being proactive also plays a vital role in having more luck in your life. If you sit back and do nothing, there’s very little you will be able to do about the opportunities- or lack of- that come your way.

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